We expect comfort and protection everywhere, except when we are travelling by road. Indian roads have a very bad reputation for being bumpy or have rash drivers. Yet it is the second most utilised road network in the world because it offers a very cheap mode of transportation when compared to trains and flights. This cheap mode of transportation attracts people from every stage of life, being an avid traveller I have loads of experience when it comes to bus travel. So I would like to share some tips with you regarding long distance bus travel.

Choose the best bus operators

The first step you take towards your bus travel is to choose a bus operator to travel. There thousands of bus operators in the Indian travel industry but only very few of them offer impeccable services. So always utilise the online review portals about bus operators and gather some inputs from friends and relatives before fixing an operator. Many operators associated with our website are legit and follow all the norms regulated by the government.

Choose the right route.
Road networks in India are so messed that we have several travel options for a single destination. So always check whether the bus reached your destination through the shortest route. Our System is designed to list the shortest route for its customers so you don’t have to search for the shortest route if you are travelling with us.

Opt for Online Booking

Booking through agents or standing in long queues is a thing of past. Booking tickets yourself by conventional methods won’t give various bus options. As for agents, they will always recommend the bus services which gives them more profit so the agents are either unreliable to find good bus services or some bus operators may force the agents to sell their tickets by offering more profit/rewards. Online ticket bookings can’t be manipulated by bus operators so it is very safe to choose one of the online services available. Moreover, online ticket aggregators like Myticketbuddy have review and rating facility for bus operators which can be used by visitors to analyse them and then choose the best.

Pack Light

People tend to have a tendency to pack many things when they are travelling. Many bus operators have certain weight limits when it comes to baggage so it is better for you to pack smart. Always try to pack clothes which could get along with several shades so that you can share several tops/shirts with the same pant. For more inputs read my blog about how to pack light?

Arrive on time

One of the major drawbacks of bus travelling is that people choose different boarding points but fail to turn up in time. This will force bus service to run late so most bus operators are choosing not to wait for the customers if they are arriving late. If you arrive late to your boarding point there are high chances that you might your bus. Our portal tickets come with the bus operator number so that you can keep in touch with bus staff and plan accordingly. All bus operators associated with our system are instructed to wait for passengers if the bus arrived early at boarding point.

I hope these tips will help you to sort your journey. If you have any tips or suggestions then please share it with us.

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